1. His Excellency Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama – Former President of Botswana
  2. Tshekedi Stanford Khama – Hon MP for Serowe West, Environmental Conservationist, Botswana
  3. Thea Khama – Conservationist and Youth Mentor, Botswana
  4. H.E. Professor Judi Wakhungu – EGH Kenya Ambassador to France, Holy See, Portugal, Serbia, andMonaco, Former Minister of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Kenya
  5.  Jay Naidoo – Former Minister for the Reconstruction and Development Programme, during the NelsonMandela Presidency, South Africa
  6. Henry Smith – Member of Parliament, Crawley Constituency, UK
  7. Dr Joyce Poole – Scientific Director ElephantVoices, Kenya
  8. Angela Sheldrick – Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya
  9. Georgina Lamb – CEO David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, UK
  10. Dr Rosalind Reeve – Senior Advisor David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, UK
  11. Lawrence Avery – Programme and Policy Manager, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, UK
  12. Will Travers OBE – Co-Founder and Executive President, Born Free Foundation, UK
  13. Charlie Mayhew MBE – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tusk Trust, UK
  14. Danika Oriol-Morway – Executive Director Four Paws USA
  15. Vanessa Amoroso – Head of Wild Animals in Trade, Four Paws International
  16. Fiona Miles – Director, Four Paws, South Africa
  17. Damion Aspinall – Chairman, Aspinall Foundation, UK
  18. Amos Courage – Director of Overseas Projects, Aspinall Foundation, UK
  19. Dereck Milburn – Regional Director, Aspinall Foundation, South Africa
  20. David B. Casselman – Co-Founder, Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, USA
  21. Dr Gaye Bradshaw – Founder and Director, Kerulos Centre for Nonviolence, USA
  22. Eli Weiss – Founder, President, Wildize Foundation, USA
  23. Reineke Hameleers – Chief Executive Officer, Eurogroup for Animals, Belgium
  24. Charlotte Nithart – President, Robin Des Bois Association, France
  25. Valentina Bagnato – Head, International Relations, International Organisation for Animal Protection, Italy
  26.  Adams Cassinga – Founding Director, Conserv Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo
  27. Jim Justus Nyamu – Executive Director, Elephant Neighbours Center (ENC), Kenya
  28. Lameck Mkuburo – Founder and Director, Tanzanian Elephant Foundation, Tanzania
  29. Nathan Edward Swartz – Head Researcher, IKSHA COUNCIL, South Africa
  30. Timothy Kamuzu Phiri – Executive Director and Co-Founder, Mizu Eco Care Organisation, Zambia
  31. Nyakwaka Madutua – Community Conservation Educator, Peace for Conservation, Tanzania
  32.  Julie Woodyer – Campaigns Director, Zoocheck, Canada
  33. Barry Kent MacKay – Founding Director, Zoocheck, Born Free USA Canada Representative, Canada
  34.  Dr Lori Marino – FounderExecutive Director Kimmela Centre for Animal Advocacy, Canada
  35.  Liz White – Party Leader, Animal Alliance of Canada Environmental Voters Party of Canada, Canada
  36. Kiersten Cluster – Co-Founder, Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles, USA
  37. Paul Christian – Trustee, Protect All Wildlife, UK
  38. Diana Valencia Cuevas – President, Abriendo Jaulas & Abriendo Mentes, A.C., México
  39. Shana Kelly – President, Rethink Captivity, USA
  40. Barbara Lovett – Co-Founder and President Save Nosey Now, Inc., USA
  41. Luc Mathot – Director and Founder, Conservation Justice, Belgium
  42. Vasanthi Kumar – Co-Founder and Trustee, STRAW, India
  43. Nikita Dhawan – Founder, Youth for Animals, India
  44. Tony Verhulst – Co-Founder, Elephant Haven, European Elephant Sanctuary, France
  45.  Sofie Goetghebeur – Co-Founder Elephant Haven, European Elephant Sanctuary, France
  46. Tozie Zokufa – Director, Coalition of African Animal Welfare Organisations, South Africa
  47. Katrick Satyanarayan – Co-Founder and CEO, Wildlife SOS, India
  48. Geeta Seshamani – Co-Founder Wildlife SOS, India
  49. Dr Priya Davidar – Founder, Sigur Nature Trust, India
  50. Dr Jean-Philippe Puyravaud – Researcher Sigur Nature Trust, India
  51. Dr Vishwas Satgar – Co-Founder, Climate Justice Charter Movement, South Africa
  52. Pooven Moodley – Executive Director, Natural Justice, South Africa
  53. Cormac Cullinan – Director of Cullinan & Associates and the Wild Law Institute, South Africa
  54. Professor Melanie Murcott – Public Law, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  55. Francesca de Gasparis – Director, Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute 
  56. Sarah Kvalsvig – Environmental Lawyer and Consultant at Cullinan & Associates, South Africa
  57. Ricky Stone – Environmental Lawyer and Consultant at Cullinan & Associates, South Africa 
  58. Kirsten Youens – Founder and Executive Director, AllRise, South Africa
  59. Samantha Cohen – Legal and Administrative Officer, Animal Law Reform, South Africa
  60. Cheslyn C. Ceaser – Legal Research , Animal Law Reform, South Africa
  61. Karl Ammann – Wildlife Photographer & Conservation Documentary Film Producer, Switzerland 
  62.  Jared Kukura – Conservation Writer, WildThings InitiativeUSA
  63. Elisabetta Corra – Environmental Author, Founder, Tracking Extinction, Italy
  64. Don Pinnock – Environmental Journalist, Co-Author of The Last Elephants, South Africa
  65. Francis Garrard – Director, Conservation Action Trust, South Africa
  66. Cyril Christo – Wildlife Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker, Author, USA
  67. A.E. Lovell – Endangered Wildlife Poet, Australia
  68. Charan Saunders – Environmental Consultant, Writer, South Africa
  69. Linda Tucker – Founder and CEO, Global White Lion Protection Trust, South Africa
  70. Margo Naude – Head of Communications, Global White Lion Protection Trust, South Africa
  71. Dave Neale – Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia Foundation, UK
  72. Marleen Le Febvre – CEO, Wildlife At Risk International Organisation, Netherlands
  73. Dr Andrew Kelly – Director, Freedom for Animals, UK
  74. Nicole Rojas – Founder, Wild for Change, USA
  75. Jack Baucher – Co-Founder, The Ark, UK
  76. Pippa Hankinson – Director, Blood Lions, South Africa
  77. Dr Louise De Waal – Director, Blood Lions, South Africa
  78. Nicola Gerrard – Director, Blood Lions, South Africa
  79. Ian Michler – Director, Blood Lions, South Africa
  80. Dr Roelie Kloppers – CEO, Wildtrust, South Africa
  81.  Lauren van Nijkerk – Director Marketing & Communications, Wildtrust, South Africa 
  82. Mark Stratton – Co-Founder, Free Bunka Organisation, Environmental Journalist, UK 
  83. Tina Papadopolou – Co-Founder, Free Bunka Organisation, UK
  84. Lex Abnett – Director, Southern African Fight for Rhinos, South Africa
  85.  Renee Bish – Co-Founder, Bettys Bay Baboon Action Group, South Africa
  86. Peter Oxford – Co- Founder, Betty’s Bay Baboon Action Group, South Africa
  87. Toni Brockhoven – Chairperson, Beauty Without Cruelty, South Africa
  88. Anna Centura – Co-Founder, Future 4 Wildlife, Europe
  89. Lizaene Cornwall – Co-Founder Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa
  90. Catherine Nyquist – Co-Founder Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa
  91. Kim Da Ribeira – Director, Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching, South Africa
  92. Dave Du Toit – Founder, Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa
  93. Sera Farista – Climate Justice Youth Climate Group, South Africa
  94. Sairusha Govindsamy – Climate Policies, African Climate Alliance, South Africa
  95. Lorraine Holloway – Founder, Baboons of the South, South Africa
  96. Guy Jenning – Director, WildAid, Southern Africa
  97. Vivien Law – Regenerative Farming Project, Parliament for the People, South Africa
  98. Les Mitchell – Director, Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Africa
  99. Jabu Myeni – Environmental Education Programme, Gifted for Good, South Africa
  100. Stephen Munro – Director, Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education, South Africa
  101. Linda Park – Director, Voice 4 Lions, South Africa
  102. Charles Simane – Researcher, Climate Justice Charter Movement, South Africa
  103. Steve Smit – Co-Founder, Monkey Helpline, Rehabilitation Centre, South Africa
  104. Jenni Trethowan – Founder, Baboon Matters, South Africa
  105. Stephen A Wiggins – Founder, International Wildlife Bond, UK
  106. Wynter Worsthorne – Founder, Animal Talk Africa, South Africa

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